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Owner Control or Board Control? Condominium Corporate Decision Making

I have seen a number of board of directors from condominiums in this city and beyond that unnecessarily restrict their decision making power. The board will go back to their owners for any number of issues seeking authority to make decisions and with no apparent legal reason for such a practice. When pressed on why […]

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How to Impose Condominium Fees – Smooke v Rosemont Estate Condo Corp 101222494

Condominium fees are usually the number one conflict point between boards of condominium corporation and the unit owners of that condominium corporation. The big issues include: (a) Increases to condominium fees in any given year. (b) The uses of the condominium fees in the previous year(s) or for the upcoming budget. (c) “Mistakes” and the […]

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City of Regina Waste Rebate – Bad News for some Condo Owners

As a result of a rehashed budget from the City of Regina, there was a program that was eliminated from the City’s budget that received very little attention: the Condo Waste Rebate program. Some may not know this but some condos do not receive municipal garbage and recycling services. The condominiums are required to contract […]

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Victims of Domestic Violence and Residential Leases – New Legislation

Domestic violence is a significant problem in Saskatchewan. With StatsCan reporting some terrible statistics regard the rate of violence in province, the Government of Saskatchewan has tried to clear another hurdle in having someone leave a dangerous situation.  This post will try to explain the legislation (that is not yet in effect – it must […]

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Homesteads Act – Time for a Renewal?

The Law Reform Commission of Saskatchewan is looking for some commentary on some changes that it would propose on the Homesteads Act. The Act, located here, and the consultation paper, located here is what the commentary is all about.  The organization and its mandate are described in that consultation paper. “Marc. Homesteads Act?! This sounds […]

Title Insurance – What is It?

  Expect to be inundated with different types of insurance when you buy a home. The confusing myriad of options that you may be presented with include the following: ·       Home or Fire Insurance ·       Tenant Insurance. ·       Condo Insurance. ·       Mortgage Insurance. ·       Mortgage Life and Disability Insurance. ·       Exploding Bridge Insurance. ….okay, maybe […]