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Victims of Domestic Violence and Residential Leases - New Legislation

Domestic violence is a significant problem in Saskatchewan. With StatsCan reporting some terrible statistics regard the rate of violence in province, the Government of Saskatchewan has tried to clear another hurdle in having someone leave a…
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Homesteads Act - Time for a Renewal?

The Law Reform Commission of Saskatchewan is looking for some commentary on some changes that it would propose on the Homesteads Act. The Act, located here, and the consultation paper, located here is what the commentary is all about.  The…

Get Off my Lawn! Pokémon Go and Real Property

Now that the immensely popular App, Pokémon Go, has been officially released in Canada, it has become increasingly common to see young couples, groups of teens, children, and wannabe Pokémon trainers awkwardly maneuvering their way along the…
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Selling a House After a Split - a case law review

Breakdowns in marital relationships are hard and complicated. One of the biggest challenges for soon to be former spouses is how to deal with the family home. Sometimes both want to stay; sometimes neither do. Sometimes one wants to stay,…

Boom goes the - uh - Natural Gas: Court says SaskEnergy can buy Head Office for $31 Million under Market Price

In a recent Saskatchewan Court of Queen’s Bench decision, SaskEnergy was successful in its action to enforce an option to purchase on their head office.   (Saskenergy Incorporated v ADAG Corporation Canada Ltd., 2015 SKQB 143 (CanLII),…
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SREC Decisions Now Available on Canlii

The Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission complaint and discipline decisions are now available on a searchable database known as 'Canlii' for the beginning of 2015 and beyond. The decisions were otherwise available online at the commission website. This…
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Pasties and Poles: The Strip Bar Debate Returns to Regina

Strip bars in Regina have become a hot topic again, with city council looking to approve an application for one to start back up at the former ‘Whiskeys’ location.  The location would be operating presumably under the relaxed regulations…

The Costs of Foreclosure (and Maybe Some Savings too?!?)

Foreclosure is a difficult process for individuals that are going through the process.  Often, it is a result of a change in life circumstances, like a failed marriage, a lost job, or a bankrupt business.  Because of the difficult…

Neighbours, Nuisance and Noble Firs - Case Law Summary

Trees are common place in most residential developments.  A natural way to provide some shade and a lovely way to complement a property, many see trees as an asset. But as much as people like their own trees, some can find their neighbors’…

Post Flooding Legal Blues

This past weekend for many in Regina and South East Saskatchewan was difficult.  The rain that fell on these communities caused flooding and significant property damage.  The response of the various communities has been inspiring,…