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Property Condition Disclosure Statement: To Do, or Not to Do?

Property Condition Disclosure Statements or “PCDS” are subject to a steady debate both of their value and the risk that they create by those providing the statements.   Their value is questioned by some as the statements are based on the…
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“Show me the Money” - A Guide to Your Cash and Closing a Real Estate Deal - Pt.2

  You sell your house.  You’ve listed it.  You negotiated offers.  You waited on conditions being met and waived.  You’ve packed, and cleaned, and moved.  I mean, you love the place, but the most important issue you are thinking…
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10 Different Times to Talk to your Lawyer in a Residential Real Estate Deal

  Often buyers or sellers get concerned about when they should get their lawyers involved in their real estate transaction.  Here is a list of 10 different points where you might want to get your lawyer involved in the deal: At the…
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Dual Agency, Encroachments, and Cabins, Oh My!

What happens when a realtor misrepresents a significant characteristic of a property they are selling? Check out this 2014 Saskatchewan decision at: Realtor negligently and fraudulently misrepresents the lots size to…