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City of Regina Waste Rebate – Bad News for some Condo Owners


As a result of a rehashed budget from the City of Regina, there was a program that was eliminated from the City’s budget that received very little attention: the Condo Waste Rebate program.

Some may not know this but some condos do not receive municipal garbage and recycling services. The condominiums are required to contract with commercial providers for the pickup of their waste. The argument was that as they are paying property taxes in the same fashion as other residential properties that they should be compensated for the loss of that service.

For the affected condominium units, a rebate of $40 per unit was instituted and paid to the condominium corporations affected. This was to subsidize some of the waste collection service that they would be required to purchase. For more information, I would encourage to you to read Canadian Condominium Institute – South Saskatchewan Branch’s submission to council here.

Recognizing that $3-4 a month for the affected condos may not be a huge amount, it is one more factor that will affect many condominium corporations’ common expense fees in the coming year.

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