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So many times we are looking for a product or service, we mess around on the web for a while and ask for some recommendations.  We get some names, gather information, and make a decision on who can assist us.  The challenge is to break through the noise and pick some exceptional people.

While I understand the need and desire to post listings, changes in interest rates, client feedback or the recent sales numbers in the area on our social media accounts, I wanted to highlight those individuals in the industry with some great content.  I know how tough getting or creating good content can be.  Here are some of my favourite local media accounts from Mortgage Professionals in Regina and surrounding area.  
Mortgage Professionals
Skott Enns (fb) – Skott does a great job of curating a number of articles with a focus on financial planning and management, and real estate.  What I especially like about his page is the humour in his writing – just enough on an editorial spin on each link to engage the reader in whatever the article is that he is presenting.  He also takes time to recognize other professionals in his posts, and does it with bit of his family wrapped in the middle of it.  He has a natural knack for marketing, and is quite a relatable guy as well.


Carrie Cardinal (fb/radio) – Okay, so this isn’t social media.  But I do appreciate the challenge that goes into creating a regular radio broadcast on CJME, and engaging with your listeners.  She has a great radio presentation, and can carry the show for her time slot. She is on social media, but really as a good platform to support her radio show. A strong advocate, and passionate about her industry.


Ryan Boughen (fb/blog) – Ryan seems to be generating some meaty content by taking external content and putting his own spin on it.   His blog is being published pretty regularly, and rarely is there a filler post.  Ryan gets bonus marks for an incredibly smooth webpage design and flow.   I have yet to meet Ryan personally yet, but he seems like a smart guy. 


Honourable Mention: Heather Ramage (fb/youtube) – A sprinkling of video, of family, and industry trends.  It seems like she is just on the cusp of getting comfortable with her voice on social media, and I think when she does, she will be just as warm and personable as she is in person. 
Who else deserves some recognition?  Which broker/mortgage professional that you are using is doing some awesome things on social media?  Anyone a twitter, instagram or other social media platform superstar? Add as a comment for a future post.
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