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Title Insurance - What is It?

  Expect to be inundated with different types of insurance when you buy a home. The confusing myriad of options that you may be presented with include the following: ·       Home or Fire Insurance ·       Tenant Insurance. ·      …
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Condo Case Law Summary: Special Assessments - They Suck, but Pay Them.

Every once in a while, it’s nice to see a little reminder about those cases that drive you nuts.  For condominiums, my area of frustration is special assessments.  Those terrible situations where owners have to come up with a huge…
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“Show me the Money” - A Guide to Your Cash and Closing a Real Estate Deal - Pt.2

  You sell your house.  You’ve listed it.  You negotiated offers.  You waited on conditions being met and waived.  You’ve packed, and cleaned, and moved.  I mean, you love the place, but the most important issue you are thinking…
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How Much Money do I need?

  “Lawyer’s fees” are often a confused area of a real estate transaction.  In the midst of budgeting for most people’s largest financial transaction of their lives, individuals are looking for some cost certainty on what it is…