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Great Social Media Accounts for Regina Mortgage Professionals

So many times we are looking for a product or service, we mess around on the web for a while and ask for some recommendations.  We get some names, gather information, and make a decision on who can assist us.  The challenge is to break through…
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Avoiding Conflict (and Litigation) when Juggling Multiple Parties

One real estate agent.  A buyer.  Two purchasers with the appearance of competing offers.  The allegation and appearance through some of the documents that the agent is acting for all parties.  When the deal goes south, the parties are at…
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“Show me the Money” - A Guide to Your Cash and Closing a Real Estate Deal - Pt.2

  You sell your house.  You’ve listed it.  You negotiated offers.  You waited on conditions being met and waived.  You’ve packed, and cleaned, and moved.  I mean, you love the place, but the most important issue you are thinking…