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And the Bill Just Keeps Getting Higher: Condo Fees and Legal Costs in SK

  When doing work for condominium corporations, one big obstacle in their decision making process is the legal costs associated with enforcing bylaws or collecting fees.  A big legal bill could result in an increase condominium fees,…
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The Costs of Foreclosure (and Maybe Some Savings too?!?)

Foreclosure is a difficult process for individuals that are going through the process.  Often, it is a result of a change in life circumstances, like a failed marriage, a lost job, or a bankrupt business.  Because of the difficult…
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Condo Case Law Summary: Special Assessments - They Suck, but Pay Them.

Every once in a while, it’s nice to see a little reminder about those cases that drive you nuts.  For condominiums, my area of frustration is special assessments.  Those terrible situations where owners have to come up with a huge…